ScratchArt – Cologne Cathedral


The Scratch-off Board hides the world’s best night scenery behind its black-coated surface. Scratch the Grey lines away with the wooden stylus and watch each line burst to life as you recreate world famous night scenery. This colourful city can be matted and framed.   You can also sketch your own designs onto the additional black board that is included.  

What’s in the kit 🙂

  • Dimensions: 405 x 285mm
  • 1x Drawing cardboard with image outlines to be scratched
  • 1x Plain Black-coated cardboard for free drawing – use stencils or get creative with this blank board
  • 1x Bamboo drawing stylus – used to scratch-off the black-coat on the cardboard
  • 1x Scratch pen
  • 1x Clean brush

  Notes: The black-coated areas in and around the Grey lines can be scratched off and turned colourful, also allowing you to sign your name or write a small note anywhere on the picture.

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