Refund and Returns Policy

Returns And Refunds

  1. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that goods are returned to a designated collection point in its original packaging, regardless of the reason for the returns.
  2. All requests for returns or credit must be initiated in writing by the Client. No items may be returned or exchanged unless prior written authorisation has been obtained from Craft Buddies. Any goods returned at the Client’s request may be returned by carriage which expense will be paid for by the Client. Returns of non-faulty items may incur handling- or administration fees of 25% (twenty-five per centum) of the total value of the order.
  3. Craft Buddies may replace any goods which were sold by Craft Buddies directly to the Client and which goods are not in accordance with specifications, or alternatively (provided that the goods have not been damaged in any way whatsoever subsequent to it being dispatched or delivered to the Client, as the case may be), at Craft Buddies’ option, Craft Buddies shall be entitled to take the goods back, refunding the Client with the purchase price paid or by way of credit in favour of the Client.
  4. Any returns or replacements for incorrect goods, not limited to incorrect branding, should be initiated in writing by the Client, in no more than Five (5) days from receiving the order.
    Any complaint received after the Five (5) day mark will be investigated, but we cannot guarantee a resolution.
  5. If any items are returned to Craft Buddies that require a requested quality check due to items not being as expected, a thorough quality check will be done once again. If the quality check is being done due to the lack of proof from the Client and the returned items are deemed correct in accordance to order details and the relevant approvals, the items will be returned to the Client and the Client will be billed for the extra courier costs incurred. If any discrepancy is found on the return quality check, Craft Buddies will be responsible for any replacements, including courier costs incurred.
  6. Should items go missing en route to the Client or be damaged in transit and the replacement value of these items is less than R300.00 (three hundred Rand) ex. VAT, then Craft Buddies reserves the right to either refund or credit the Client for the missing/damaged items and will not be obliged to replace them.
  7. When unwanted products (undamaged and unused) are to be returned –
    • a) The Client is responsible for returning the products to Craft Buddies.
    • b) The delivery/courier costs on the order are non-refundable.
    • c) The Client is responsible for the return courier costs.
    • d) If the Client received free delivery on the order, the cost of that free delivery will be deducted from the refund and the Client is responsible for the return courier.
  8. When unwanted products (undamaged and unused) are to be exchanged for other products, the replacements will be treated as a new order. The Client will be refunded for the unwanted goods as stipulated in the points above.
  9. If the Client returns only part of an order of unwanted products (undamaged and unused), the following will apply –
    • a) Courier costs for the order will not be refunded.
  10. No returns on Reduced to Clear or On Sale items.
  11. Refunds shall be processed within 30 (thirty) days from acceptance of the return by Craft Buddies.
  12. Online Orders (purchases made through “Add to Cart”): The provision of goods and services by Craft Buddies is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, Craft Buddies will refund the client in full within 30 days.